About me

What is Luxury

I’m a social media influencer. Connect with me and I’ll suggest and create the digital content that puts your brand or product in front of the right audience.

As an older influencer most of my following have spending power and therefore you’ll see a ROI.

I’ve travelled the World with over 20 years travel experience. I intend to keep doing so, bringing stories of where I’ve been to my followers whilst showcasing the Countries, hotels, restaurants and bars that I’m fortunate enough to experience.

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Storytelling Concept

I’m fortunate enough to stay all over the World. The hotels and experiences that I increasingly buy into are those with a story –  understand the story and heritage and when it works you see the passion illustrated through the owners, the staff and ultimately the clients.

In each selected location I look to connect and spend time with the people that are behind the project to discover the unique story behind the brand.

I believe a story told the right way can alter beliefs and transform minds. The best stories should be both authentic and magical. What do you believe?

This global traveller is a new storyteller – a leader, creator and sharer of knowledge, style and trends and therefore an ideal brand advocate.