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Kythnos – A Greece island treat!


So I’ll be honest I didn’t know an awful lot about Kythnos other than it was a Greek island!

A simple google search showed that Kythnos was part of the Greek Cyclades and seemingly overlooked as the mass tourist market continue to stampede towards the more established islands Santorini,  Mykonos, Crete and Corfu, all islands you can fly direct too.

Kythnos tranquility
Had my own private beach on Kythnos!

So with no airport on the island the best option was to take a ferry to Kythnos. Approximately an hour in a taxi from Athens we arrived at the port of.  We’d pre-booked the ferry through the extremely helpful and patient people at; https://www.imaginationtravel.gr/default.aspx?lang=el

They’d sent our tickets to our Athens hotel for collection for a small fee . It being a Sunday there was quite literally nothing there, no ticket offices, no shops and no ships!

No need for drama in Greece, settle in and wait for things to happen! We were early and, of course, people began to arrive although more people were asking me about tickets than anything. Seems to happen to me a lot in Greece and Italy where locals assume I’m one of them. Sorry, can’t help, I’m English!

A massive old ferry arrived and departed pretty much on time. Scheduled for an hour and a half I settled in with an ice latte for starters with my favourite beer, Mykonos, for dessert! The diet of Kings.

It was a beautiful journey, relatively smooth despite the strong winds that had come in with the earlier storm. We passed a couple of other lovely looking islands before reaching Kythnos.

As we walked off I saw a cheery face, the hotel owner, Yiannis, had come in person to pick us up. As we drove he explained a little more about the island and his area.

I’d warmed to Yiannis over a series of friendly Instagram messages, his hospitality and friendliness evident in both his posts and his engagement with clients It’s always pleasing when you meet someone and see that your feeling was right.

I liked what I saw as we drove – quiet roads, we only saw a handful of cars, no mass tourism and a real feel of old school Greece. Bit of a throwback to my early and fond memories of Greece. Do you prefer the old fashioned ways or the glitz of Mykonos and Santorini?

We arrived at the village of Loutra and were soon strolling up a small slope to the stylish looking Porto Klaras Studios and Apartments , http://www.porto-klaras.gr/

which on entrance had a warm, welcoming feel and effortlessly stylish in that classic Greece way.

We were introduced to his father and treated to a refreshing drink as I caught the last minutes of England’s World Cup stunning whopping of the mighty Panama – go England!

Yiannis showed us around and we were fortunate enough to have a pick of rooms. The one I chose had a chilled feel to it, stylish inside with a lovely outside seating area and amazing view over the harbour and village.

That bought proceedings to a halt as I settled down with my book and beer to savour the moment!

Boutique hotels in Kythnos
Balcony view from Porto Klaras hotel over Loutra bay


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