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Looking for luxury hotels in London?


Well you can’t really go wrong with a visit to Claridge’s, one of the finest luxury hotels in London.

Believe it or not this was my first time to Claridges – shameful really as I used to stroll past here every day on my way to work!

Situated nicely in Mayfair on the edge of Brook St and Davies street there’s also a very cute, seasonal florists for photo opportunities.

Claridges, luxury hotels in London
Claridges, luxury hotels in London

I bowled in through the side entrance, technically Claridges Bar, which had had the politest doorman on duty.

Apologising for my slack casual wear as a consequence of the latest emergency dentist appearance, I walked through much smarter attired people to the main lobby – this oozes class with a stunning affair jade and Art Deco features.

The entrance to the ballroom is rather grandeur and hosted by a couple of very friendly and helpful ladies.

It was a bustling day and whilst I awaited my companions I sat and simply people watched – no celebrities on shown this time!

Inside Claridges
Inside Claridges

We were situated at the back, walking past the lovely emerald display whilst having some soft live music accompanying us along the way.

We were promptly looked after having the vast and various array of over 24 loose leaf teas from around the World.
Sadly, due to the dentist I was unable to enjoy the champagne but was offered a very fancy fruity alternative cocktail.
The food promptly arrived, a delicious array of finger sandwiches and warm scones with Marco Polo gelee and Cornish clotted cream.

Afternoon tea Claridges
Afternoon tea Claridges

There was a really pleasant atmosphere – it wasn’t too loud and people all around us seemed to be enjoying the experience.

I’ll be back perhaps for dinner and even a stay!
If you’re looking for unique experience in luxury hotels in London a visit to Claridge’s should be on your list.

Do you know where the concept of afternoon tea come from?!

Well I didn’t so I found out! And apparently the 7th Duchess of Bedford, Anna Russell, invented it in the 1800s to Satish her own hunger during the long wait between lunch and dinner so thank you Anna!

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