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Mystery is intriguing don’t you think? I’m a trained journalist and marketer with four different Instagram accounts with a combined audience of over 500,000 followers. I spent my youth backpacking around the World. Whilst I had, quite frankly, the time of my life the ideologies of a hedonistic youth and that of an affluent, older gentleman are vastly different. Consequently, in the manic 24/7 World in which we currently operate time, the great commodity of the 20th century, is increasingly short. I therefore am continually driven to seek more luxurious surroundings, specifically those boutique or luxury.

Montcalm view
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The Montcalm – luxury hotel group

By on April 15, 2018

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in the City that has killer views, excellent food and a cool vibe I have the solution – welcome to The Montcalm in Finsbury Square, part of the luxury hotel group.

I was looking for a staycation on my return to Venice, so reached out to the Montcalm where I was introduced to the lovely Pavel who came to my assistance.

On the day of my stay I flew in from Venice to Gatwick. Whisked along on the Gatwick express a few underground stations later I exited Moorgate. Finsbury square is around a 5 min walk from here and it was biting cold.

The grand hotel dominates the square and an extremely friendly doorman welcomed us in. As it was Friday night there was a good buzz in the air – perhaps helped by the hotels very own Long Arm Pub and brewery which produces the freshest beer. As I was to discover Tank Fresh beer is worth investing your time in! Projector screens are in place, perfect for any sporting fans and a definite World Cup 2018 venue for me.

One of the Montcalms restaurants, Burdock, offers grab-and-go takeaway breakfasts, casual lunches and small plate dishes.

After my usual banter with the lovely reception staff I checked out my room. Beautifully designed with all the modern cons one would expect in a luxury hotel – bespoke lighting and intuitive tech bring some fun to the party! A welcoming bottle of wine and gorgeous views across the City were added benefits – a promising start!

Montcalm view

Montcalm view

No time to unpack, it was a Friday night and so time to check out the much talked about rooftop terrace, the Aviary.

A lift to the 9th floor before one flight of stairs brings you past some great design to the entrance to the terrace. You can then go out to the terrace where the igloos that you can also found at the Coppa Club. It really was cold, so I took a few pics and videos and then back to the warm!

Montcalm Igloo

Montcalm Igloo

A DJ was playing on the left with a gorgeous and large central bar with stylish seating on the left and the restaurant diners on the right. A very nice vibe to the place with a good mix, that night, of city slickers, young fashionable folk and us oldies!

So, a quick exchange with the lovely young bar attendant gave me my customary bottle of champagne – well you’ve got to enjoy these nights. We stood at the bar and had a good hour or so. This place in Summer must be heaving.

We hadn’t booked the restaurant so headed off to Dishoom in Shoreditch, just a ten-minute walk away. This hotel really is in easy reach of some great areas. If you haven’t tried Dishoom check here- highly recommended –

I came back late and hit the sack. Really comfortable night and quiet, always a blessing for an insomniac!

A nice lay in was savoured before I enjoyed a refreshing drenching under the rain shower. Elemis products are at hand for a further nice touch. Back to the same rooftop for breakfast where the lovely restaurant manager engaged in some fine verbal jousting! He showed me around and told me a little more about the hotel and the Montcalm luxury hotel group.

I then tucked into a fine breakfast – as usual completely over indulged.

I had some more fun with the reception on the way out. I do enjoy luxury hotels where staff also have that normal friendly, cheeky approach – really does entice me to come back!

And I did! I’ve been back for lunch three times since – really pleased with the find!

This luxury hotel group also have hotels in Marble Arch and Shoreditch and I intended on visiting both.