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What are the top 5 things to do in Geneva?

By on March 31, 2018

See the Jet d’eau

Take your Geneva map and find this enormous water fountain which has been on the same spot on Lake Geneva since 1951 spouting its froth 140m into the air, five hundred litres of water per second propelled into the air!

Historically it began in the 19th century as a safety value for the hydraulic power plant.

It’s impressive from many angles, whatever the Geneva weather, although I like taking them from the Bains des Paquis. If you like moving, close photos take the taxi boat that runs from one bank to another or from one of the various ferries that run around the lake.

Jet d’eau

Jet d’eau views

Explore the lake

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Central Europe and well worth exploring throughout the year.

The lake of Geneva is so beautiful that the promenade around the shore was built as a result. Essentially Geneva is on the lake.

If you’re not in the mood for walking the local water taxi called a “mouette” will take you from one side to the other.

Otherwise ferries run up and own the lake allowing you to see plenty of the area and some of the gorgeous villages along he lake. The very pretty Lausanne is around three hours away. If you have the time and the weather is good, it’s worth checking out.

Passenger Ferry Boats on Lake Geneva in Switzerland & France

Seasonal changes mean it’s worth walking all around taking the different beautiful parks such as the Eaux-Vives, Jardin Anglais or Bastions Park.

Bains des Pâquis

This was one of the first places I visited, fascinated by watching swimmers in the depths of winter swimming happily in the lake!

As I watched them exist thinking they were beyond crazy I realised there was a sauna and hammam to warm up in. I haven’t tried this yet in the winter, but I will!

In the summer there’s a swarm of activity where you can swim, sunbath and eat at the restaurant terrace. That said I’ve enjoyed a great bacon sandwich and coffee in the colder months sitting outside overlooking the lake as well.

You’ll fin these public baths along the pier, not a pier in the traditional British sense. It’s around 10 minutes’ walk from the City centre.

There’s various cultural events that also take place here so always worth checking out the LINK LINK on arrival to see what’s happening.

Bains des Pâquis entrance

Bains des Pâquis entrance

Mont Saleve

It took me around 3 visits to make it to the so called “balcony of Geneva” but I was pleased I did!

Fun fact – Saleve is just over the border in France

An easy 15-minute bus ride will take you to the cable car at Veyrier that will whisk you up to 1,379m, near the summit. You’ll see the fit taking their enormous bikes, hikers, paragliders and many others!

I’ve taken the hiking trail through the seasons. In the winter, be a little more prepared as it can be a little challenging in the deep snow. It’s worth the challenge though as on reaching the summit you’ll find amazing views overlooking Geneva, truly stunning, the lake and city and the imperious Mont blanc in the distance, weather of course providing.

You can then reward yourself with a tipple or two in one of the cafes.

Note the cable car times change through the year. Open later in the summer any photographers can get some amazing night shots.


Mont Saleve views

Mont Saleve


You may have realised by now that I’m fond of a few drinks! If you’re going to Geneva, you’ll be taking a fair-sized wallet or purse with you as it is rather expensive!

Take your Geneva map and  wander around the luxury waterside Lake geneva hotels which offer the usual and often unique range of cocktails – dress to impress.

The L’Atelier Cocktail Club is always worth a look and there are so many bars it’s worth exploring – one in each?!

Another favourite of mine in the warmer months is Rooftop42

For an excellentlake Geneva hotel see one of my earlier posts

See the Geneva map for further information!

Geneva map

Geneva map