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Mystery is intriguing don’t you think? I’m a trained journalist and marketer with four different Instagram accounts with a combined audience of over 500,000 followers. I spent my youth backpacking around the World. Whilst I had, quite frankly, the time of my life the ideologies of a hedonistic youth and that of an affluent, older gentleman are vastly different. Consequently, in the manic 24/7 World in which we currently operate time, the great commodity of the 20th century, is increasingly short. I therefore am continually driven to seek more luxurious surroundings, specifically those boutique or luxury.

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A Venice trip with the Luxury storyteller

By on February 18, 2018

So a sudden change in direction meant I was able to enjoy a Venice trip instead! I was all booked and ready to go to Dubai to hook up with some new and old friends before the local draconian laws stopped my sun adventure – a post for another time!

So, I’d intended to visit the Venice carnival, year and as usual, my life took over so didn’t make it. I’d been exchanging some warm messages with the Palazzo Barbarigo so opted to visit their grand canal hotel and see at least some of the carnival.

A few days later I was boarding a BA flight to Venice. Having spent the last few years travelling with the supposedly inferior EasyJet I was expecting big things but was a little disappointed.

British airways

BA flight to Venice

I really enjoy short flights with no jet lag. In the past I was obsessed that you had to fly long haul. In my infinite wisdom I now see the foolishness of my youth! There are so many beautiful quick locations to visit in Europe.

Venice airport had modernised significantly compared to my previous visit with a modern connection between the exit and the boats. The hotel had kindly arranged my private water taxi – whilst in Venice travel in style!

A ten-minute stroll later in my usually calamitous style – think middle aged man with a wonky suitcase, hand luggage, camera falling over the shoulder etc – I met my driver and boarded.

Private watertaxi into Venice

Private watertaxi into Venice

Despite bringing the dreary weather over with me from England this was the best way into Venice providing, despite the gloomy weather,great pictures, video and viewing opportunities. Certainly if you’re here on a short trip it is the least time consuming method.

We pulled up, perhaps 20 minutes later, to the superb entrance to the Palazzo Barbarigo. There is something special about exiting a boat and entering a hotel, it’s beyond cool.

Greeted by a warm smile with elegant furnishings and a stunning interior design I was introduced to the owner, Nicolette. I’m extremely lucky in being able to meet some interesting and lovely people and Nicolette was certainly one of these.

Shown to my room the elegant fittings were matched with a super view with the windows opening onto the grand Canal; Dusk was settling so whilst looking forward to enjoying the views and sounds over the coming days the first port of call was of course a Spritz!

The signs were already encouraging for me to enjoy my Venice trip.