Lunch at Arthur Hooper's

Small plates and a lunchtime feast at Arthur Hooper’s

By on December 22, 2017

Arthur Hooper’s

This is the perfect place for food sharing offering a sumptuous array of seasonally inspired small plates, meats and cheeses.  Ideally situated right next to the vibrant Borough Market, one of my favourite places in London

Strange name for a restaurant perhaps? Well it’s the old greengrocers name that used to be in this very spot, very English!

You may recognise the name of the restaurant as it featured in the news for the awful 2017 London terrorist attack.

After a suitably encouraging warm welcome I could have easily have ordered enough food for 50! Fortunately, the friendly and attentive waitress advised otherwise, also asking how quickly we wanted our food. Fast as I’m incredibly greedy!

The beef carpaccio was a stand out, and my vegan client was delighted with her options.

Lunch at Arthur Hooper's

Lunch at Arthur Hooper’s

The wines are all from Livery wines but on this occasion, I was more than happy with my Camden town beer.

If you’re here in the Summer months you can sit outside and enjoy the noise and goings from the market.

Highly recommended!