Mystery is intriguing don’t you think?


I’m a social media influencer. Connect with me and I’ll suggest and create the digital content that puts your brand or product in front of the right audience.

As an older influencer most of my following have spending power and therefore you’ll see a ROI.

I’ve travelled the World with over 20 years travel experience. I intend to keep doing so, bringing stories of where I’ve been to my followers whilst showcasing the Countries, hotels, restaurants and bars that I’m fortunate enough to experience.


A great while ago, when the world was full of wonders… no wait this is why I write here. You might be forgiven for thinking that in this modern age all the time old stories of yesteryear have no compare.

That freedom that once existed to discover and find new magical places of intrigue and delight would be nothing but a memory.

Across the world are endless places of beauty and something our only failing in this digitally connected future is how we sometimes lack the singular moments to connect to whats genuine and special in the world.

For this reason I write here of my experiences and travels and the stories they bring, with the hope of giving that same connection to you.