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First Time to Batam? Guide to Luxury Solo Travel


Welcome to the complete luxury guide for all the best of what to do, eat, see, local wines to try, and where to stay on Batam. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited an island that was so misunderstood that the tales of my adventures has surprised literally every single person I’ve told! From a tourism standpoint, the island is at a turning point … expanding its offering to the new onset of global travellers and it’s really exciting. Batam and each of the six islands connected by bridges still feel mostly untouched by tourism and it’s a traveller’s dream. There is a ton to see, do, and eat and amazing spots to tuck in for cocktails-fuelled sunset sessions! Come along with me for 10 days as I explore Batam from head to toe and share the best of what I uncover.
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All My Batam Videos:
Want to see longer versions of any of these recommendations? I have full-length vlogs for each place I stayed, Batamfast Ferry, the half day tour with Grab Rent, and more. You’ll find them in my Batam YouTube Playlist 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL88xCnJRARRlmnxOKm3uwHsY4kIgFlRcR

My Batam Recommendations

– Batamfast Ferry – Request premium / business class or a private VIP cabin https://batamfast.com/home/index.ashx

– Telkomsel https://www.telkomsel.com/en

– Rent a GrabCar for a half day tour https://www.grab.com/id/en/rent/

– Galang Refugee Camp, referred to by the locals as the Vietnam Camp. You can find tons of details on their Wikipedia page

– ROCKOUT https://www.instagram.com/rockout.id/ is the wine distributor on Batam who turned me on to those yummy local Indonesian wines I tried from Sababay https://www.instagram.com/sababaywinery/ and Two Islands https://www.instagram.com/twoislandswines/

– Anchor Cafe – they roast their own beans and make hearty and dee-lish food (including homemade pastries!) https://www.instagram.com/anchor.cafe.roastery/

– Kopak Jaya 007 kelong seafood restaurant is super Instagrammy and serves up top quality & killer views https://kopakjaya007.com/

– Tempat Senang Resort & Spa – friendly and relaxed, stay in the Madura Suite and don’t miss the private spa bath! https://www.tempatsenang.com/

– The Tempats – Batam’s 1st and only private villa, with best price on alcohol and loveliest pool https://www.thetempats.com/

– Turi Beach Resort – beachfront on a budget, with my favourite spot for a sunset session https://www.turibeach.com/

– Montigo Resorts – stay in the 3 bedroom premium villa #3601 and don’t miss that all-natural facial (it was favourite spa on Batam) https://www.montigoresorts.com/nongsa/stay/

XOXO ~ Angela


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