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Flying Qatar Airways Secret Private Jet – Qatar Executive G650ER


After viewing the new experimental Gulfstream G700, I was invited to a flight onboard the Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650ER. Qatar Executive is the private jet division of Qatar Airways.

There were a few unexpected surprises in store, outside of the usual splendid luxury onboard a private jet. The G650ER cabin was extremely quiet, much quieter than any commercial airliner. The pilot also flew the jet to draw the letter “QE” in the sky over Doha at 15,000 ft.

After a buffet lunch, the G650ER climbed to 50,000 ft which is a higher cruising altitude than all other commercial airliners. It was definitely a personal high for me! (my actual highest altitude was going supersonic on Concorde at 58,000 ft)

The Gulfstream G650ER flight not only showed the luxury and privacy of business aviation but also the aircraft’s performance. The G650ER was able to fly faster, higher and quieter.


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