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Review | Billingham Hadley One (by Leica User, Luxury Travel Vlogger)


It has been close to six months since I upgraded and started packing my vlogging gear into a professional camera bag so I thought I’d check in and share a review of my Billingham Hadley One.  Billingham is a UK brand I found while testing out potential new cameras downtown in Kuala Lumpur in the Leica store.  Turns out that it’s a popular gear bag for Leica users and for good reason!  It fits my Mac, Leica V-Lux, RODE mic, selfie gear, Mac, accessories, externals, and loads more in perfect style. 

They do sell Billingham here in Malaysia at the Leica shops and at YL Camera but they didn’t have the black-on-black colour combination in stock at the time so I ended up ordering direct from Billingham.  They ship out quickly and it’s an easy website to navigate.

Billingham Hadley One Features

– Perfectly fits a 13″ laptop in a dedicated (and super padded) compartment.

– They offer half length and full height removable dividers for CSC kit or a mid-sized DSLR.  They also have 1/2 and full inserts that I use intermittently depending on my trip (see the video for both).

– Fully adjustable and removable shoulder sling, with a leather padded add-in that I ordered that makes this bag perfect!

– Luggage Trolley strap retainer.

– Twin dump pockets on the front.

– Available in 3 colours, mine is black on black with a green interior.

My Hadley One

– Black on black Hadley One with 1/2 insert + removable dividers included.  Price USD $459.10 https://www.billingham.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/571/category/4/

– Extra: Black leather shoulder pad.  Price USD $51.96 https://www.billingham.co.uk/accessories/sp50.html

– Extra: Full insert.  Price USD $95.28 https://www.billingham.co.uk/accessories/hadley-one-full-size-insert.html

Connect with Billingham

– For tons of product pics and 360 bag tours of the Hadley One, visit Billingham’s website https://www.billingham.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/571/category/4/

– Be sure to follow them on Instagram for a steady stream of inspiration for how to take cool shots of yourself with your gear and great bag shots.  They promote their new launches as well so I now have my eye on the new mini Billingham 72!

XOXO ~ Angela

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– LEICA V-LUX from YL Camera Malaysia https://www.ylcamera.com.my/products/lca-18196

– RODE VIDEOMIC GO lightweight on-camera microphone https://www.ylcamera.com.my/products/rode-v-mic-go

– Selfie moments:shot on my iPhone using a leather and gold MOMAX Selfie Pro stick http://www.momax.net/product/selfie-pro-bluetooth-selfie-pod/

– Music: epidemicsound.com

– Black on black Billingham Hadley One Bag https://www.billingham.co.uk/hadley-one.html


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