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The Most Luxurious Trains Ever Made


Check out the 7 most luxurious train interiors that match any super deluxe luxury hotel!

Imagine being transported back in time traveling on the Orient Express. The sheer grandeur of the train would be more overwhelming than the journey itself. Today, there are trains like the Maharajahโ€™s Express, with luxurious interiors that can rightly be called palaces on wheels. From the Indian Pacific to Japanโ€™s Seven Stars, check out 7 most luxurious train interiors that match any super deluxe luxury hotel.

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0:00 Intro
0:48 The Indian Pacific Australia
1:51 The Canadian
2:47 The Golden Chariot
4:17 Venice Simplon-Orient-Express
5:32 The Maharajas’ Express
6:50 The Golden Eagle-Russia
7:55 Seven Stars Japan

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