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Wizards of Gridlock Upcoming NFT drop

Upcoming NFT drop



The goblins have invaded Gridlock and are attempting to drive out the Witches and Wizards.

Wizards of Gridlock NFT
Wizards of Gridlock NFT

The Witches and Wizards are outnumbered ten to one, and they have no chance of surviving the takeover.

To avoid the attack and consult the elders, the groups retreat to the far reaches of Gridlock.
They claim that this invasion was predicted in legends and that the eight different races must unite to awaken the lost races, who are far more powerful.

Now, the Witches and Wizards must put aside their differences in order to meld using the ancient Melding Coins from deep within Gridlock’s volcanoes.

It is time to activate the Meld Portal in order to ensure victory and survival.

Gridlock gives you the one-of-a-kind opportunity to create your own NFTs in the future by melding.
The Discord server and social media platforms will host regular giveaways and offer numerous ways to get on the whitelist for massive price reductions.

The Wizards genesis set is the first in a series of many collections to be released, and the ability to meld will be available very soon!
Gridlock Witches and Wizards are intended to be kept in a Gridlock wallet in order to gain access to all future features.
Collect NFTs and meld them to make rarer, more valuable ones, and learn about the world of Gridlock’s history!

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