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5 Tips: Luxury Travel on a Budget (St Barths, Bahamas, Vail)


Have you ever dreamed of going to St. Barth’s in the Caribbean but think, “That’s for rich people”? If you think luxury vacation spots are out of your budget, this video is for you. I’ve been to some of the most expensive vacation hotspots that people think are only for the rich and famous. I do it all on a budget!

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous travel can be for every budget. We’ve gone to St. Barths for the past few years and sometimes when I tell people we go there they gasp and say, “I would love to go there but I couldn’t afford that.” Or they mock me and say, “Aren’t you fancy?” As if St. Barth’s is reserved for jet setters with deep pockets. It’s not! If you can afford to go to Florida, you can afford to go to St. Barths! I share my insider secrets on where to stay and how to roll at a luxury destination without going broke. Want more tips on where to stay, head to theworldofdoug.com.



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