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Copenhagen, Denmark – Whit Walker – Couple's Weekend Travel Guide Luxury Travel – Tivoli Gardens


Coffee Collective in Copenhagen was a great place to grab some coffee and breakfast on the go.

Rent Bikes! It allowed us to get around quickly, cheaply and see so much more of the city than if we had taken cabs.

Nyvahn Harbor: When you picture Copenhagen, chances are that the scene that comes to mind are the colorful shops along the Nyvahn Harbor. This 17th-century waterfront houses boats, sailboats and is home to brightly colored restaurants, bars and shops.

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is one of the most iconic monuments in all of Denmark.

Copenhagen was home to fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen, so tributes to the writer and his works can be found all over the city. It isn’t that impressive. It’s worth the obligatory picture, and then get back on your bikes for some real exploring. Nearby is a great park to ride your bike through called Churchill parken, if you want to see some beautiful scenes.

Walk Down Stroget Street: Next, head to Stroget Street, Copenhagen’s high street where you can find high-end shops such as Chanel, Gucci, etc. This a great place to check out Copenhagen’s retail scene and do some shopping.
Lunch at Royal Smushi Cafe: In the middle of Stroget Square is Royal Smushi, a delightful cafe and restaurant that had been Michelin-ranked.
They had a beautiful selection of smorrebrod, which is an open-faced sandwich that Copenhagen is known for. This would be the first of very many smorrebrods throughout the trip.

Assistens Cemetery: This cemetery is more like Central Park than a gloomy place to bury the deceased. This historic cemetery is visually stunning and perfect for a walk or bike ride. It is lined by tall trees and in the summer, people lay out to sunbathe. Many famous Danes, including Hans Christian Andersen, are buried here, so you can visit their gravesites while in the cemetery.

The fish cooking class at Copenhagen’s Meyers Madhus was so informative and memorable.

The Freetown, Christiana part of Copenhagen is a hippie-run commune.
This area doesn’t allow any cars, and has spray paint everywhere and homes in different sorts of disarray. The area was inhabited in 1971 by hippies who took over abandoned military barracks and has operated in this way ever since.

Coffee and breakfast at Restaurant 108 before setting off for boat tour of Copenhagen’s canals.

Hey Captain Canal Cruise: You can’t explore Copenhagen without getting out to sea. So, we scheduled a canal tour with Hey Captain
Lunch at Kompasset: By the tour the time ended, it was time for lunch. We went back to Nyvahn Harbor for lunch at a beautifully hygge restaurant called Kompasset.

Tivoli Gardens: You cannot go to Copenhagen without visiting their absolutely charming amusement park, Tivoli Gardens. Founded in 1843, Tivoli is what was Walt Disney’s inspiration for Disney World. But, having visited, it is so much more elegant and charming that the American amusement park experience that I can’t even compare the two.
Cocktails at Lidkoeb: After the park, we headed to Lidkoed, a great bar with stiff cocktails and bartenders who aim to please.
This food hall had great eateries and coffee shops, as well as an outside area where the most beautiful plants and flowers were on sale. There was even a separate building with gourmet meats, cheeses and other ingredients to cook with.


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