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Finding My Wedding Tiara | Shopping for my fiance | Family Time


Finding My Wedding Tiara | Shopping for my fiance | Family Time

Patricia South Bridal: https://patriciasouthsbridal.com/

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In today’s travel vlog start the day with my twin sister and me in the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point’s gym. We got our sweat on and then went to Hyatt Regency’s luxury spa. I take you on a tour of the spa including a steam room, sauna, luxury lounge, and beautiful mineral pool. Then I take you for a swim in the indoor heated mineral pool. It was so nice swimming with my two sisters, my mom, and my grandma. Then we went to the sauna to dry off before our massages and facials. I absolutely going to spas and I’m a little picky about spa’s but this one was unbelievable.

After the spa, I lounged out on my balcony and show a huge Florida storm coming our way. I used to live in Florida so I am used to their huge rain storms. It rains pretty much every day in South Florida for about an hour and then the weather is beautiful again. That day was no exception.

We went to dinner at Ted’s Steak House with my entire family to celebrate my parent’s 40th wedding Anniversary. It was so special to spend time with everyone. We had a delicious dinner and then an even more delicious dessert.

Then we spent lots of family time in the Hyatt Regency Lobby and lounge.


The mission of this Youtube Channel is to share Motivational messages and share how you can live your best life. I used to struggle with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder that I thought I would never overcome. I spent years researching techniques and habits that would help me live a life free from struggle and focus on building a life that I loved. I promised myself that when I was free of the eating disorder, anxiety and depression I would share what I learned and the steps I took to get there. My Catholic Faith was a huge part of the journey for me. When I finally committed to being a faithful Catholic and surrounding myself with people that were also devoted to their faith it had a deep impact on my life. So I decided to incorporate my Christian faith to my content. Personal Growth is really important to me. A big way I like to grow is challenging myself through travel. I started making travel vlogs which is now the content I am most excited about sharing with you.

Go shopping with me and my Aunt Amelia. We went to Kohls for Black Friday and shopped for my fiance, a new purse for me and some bras. I used to have the hardest time shopping for menswear. I felt like I didn’t know what looked good on my boyfriend but the longer we have been together and are now engaged I have a better understanding of men’s styles and what looks good on his tall thin frame. I love buying my fiance cloths now because I think he looks so handsome in everything I buy. I also share 2 bra’s I purchased and why I stopped wearing bras with underwire. Lastly, we went to my favorite Bridal store in South East Florida, Patricia South Bridal to find a tiara for me.


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