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KYOTO VLOG // favourite place to travel in Japan – Bali, Japan and Singapore Series Vlog 10


Heeeeyyyy friends 💗💗 sorry it’s been a while since I last posted, had a tough two months xx

Here is my Kyoto Vlog capturing Day 08 – day 09 of my time in Japan, two more vlogs of the japan series left – then 3 Singapore vlogs! Yay!

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– M’s Inn

– Astrea Coffee

– CoCo Curry House
– Ichiran Ramen
– steak house

Camera equipment
– Canon G7x Mark ii

So now for the story of the vlog! The last vlog “winter in Japan” saw us travelling from Hakuba Japan via bullet train to Kyoto station. The trip was very manageable and comfortable. Once we arrived in Kyoto we hopped on a bus to Omiya which was the area we were staying in. We arrived at our hotel, M’s Inn and were greeted by friendly staff who escorted us to our room. While the hotel room was the smallest we’d experience in Japan it was also one of the nicest. We felt as though we had the hotel all to ourselves. There was even a free laundry unit on each floor!

Once we arrived and settled into the hotel, we went off on an adventure to find Ramen for dinner. Since we had fallen in love with Ichiran Ramen in Tokyo we were over the mood to discover it was in fact a chain restaurant in Japan. So we walked over 20 minutes to downtown Kyoto to have dinner at Ichiran Ramen. If you are going to japan, please try this restaurant. It’s everything from classic / tradition interior, to modern and advance technology vending machine ordering systems AND the best Ramen in Japan – I mean it. You have the luxury of sitting in an isolated booth to enjoy your meal alone. While this may seem foreign, I think it is a great way to attempt to eat mindfully and practice mindfulness while eating something delicious. Once enjoying our last Ichiran Ramen experience we went back to the hotel along the streets of Kyoto to get an early night.

The next day Sam and I went for a coffee in the morning. Now, Kyoto Japan seem to be late rises or at least late coffee drinkers. We mistakenly walked to two separately cafes to find they both didn’t open till 10am ish. We finally settled on a 3rd cafe in the opposite direction.

Following coffee we had lunch at THE BEST RESTAURANT EVER – kidding they were all the best. We ate Japanese Katsu Curry at Coco Curry House in Omiya Kyoto. This also, seems to be a chain. This cute little restaurant seemed to have endless katsu Curry options ranging from create your own to traditional pork katsu curry to hamburger katsu curry. This is another must do.

In the afternoon I ventured off on my own to find another cafe to do some editing in. Sam was feeling sick and slept in the afternoon. I didn’t realise until editing the videos that we both ended up catching some sort of gastro bug – as you’ll see I get sick a few days later. Thanks Sam!

I went to a cafe called Astrea and this was the BEST COFFEE IN JAPAN!! I am not joking, it was the best. The man working in the cafe was also extremely friendly making the experience much better. I worked in that cafe for 2-3 hours or so before heading back to the hotel to check on Sam. Funnily enough I ran into him coming to look for me because the poor thing was worried I was gone too long and lost since I didn’t have wifi or 3G.

That night we went to the Gion district in Kyoto to admire the traditional buildings, streets and architecture that Japanese culture has to offer. It was gorgeous, especially in the evening as the lights start to come on and the streets fill up.

Unfortunately, while we were attempting to find a not so expensive steak house in Kyoto we got caught in the pouring rain. We had been searching for a ages in the drizzling rain but as it began to get heavier and heavier we eventually ran into the nearest restaurant on a small side stress across the river from the Gion district. To our luck, it was exactly what we had been looking for, if not more! It was a steak house with a luxurious atmosphere. We chose the set menu valued at $89 AUD which included endless meals including two steaks, fish and chips, 4x appetisers, dessert and much more. It is also a gorgeous and must do place!

That was it for this vlog since I captured enough footage to do a single vlog for Day 02 in Kyoto or day 10 in Japan.

I hope you enjoyed xxx

If you’ve read this far comment a 🍙 so I can personally thank you for your love, support and dedication to my passion and channel 💗 I appreciate you all so much

Much love

Stephie 💗💗💗💗💗


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