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Luxury Brand Story | Tag Video | Kat L


Hi Everyone! I’m getting my tag videos done!

I was tagged by the lovely Amy (FashionablyAmy) and Lena (Lena Larsson) to do this video. If you haven’t watched their videos, see the links below:

Amy’s: https://youtu.be/lxKKDwmOM2A
Lena’s: https://youtu.be/w5Go50SkyV8

Watch also:
My Luxury Birthday Haul http://bit.ly/bdayhaul17
LV Bosphore Backpack review http://bit.ly/bosphorereview
My Petite Noe drama http://bit.ly/1PYLPkQ

Watch my Skids!
Suffering for Luxury http://bit.ly/sufferforluxe
Luxury My Guilty Pleasure http://bit.ly/luxeguilty
Instagram is Hard http://bit.ly/instaishard
Adventures of the New Bag http://bit.ly/thenewbag

What is your first “wish list” bag?
What is your actual first purchase?
What do you think is special about this brand? Quality, service, history?
What is your favorite purchase from this brand?
What is your latest purchase?
Do you think you’ll stay loyal to this brand in 5 years?
What is a starter piece that you’ll recommend from this brand?
What will you be buying next from this brand?

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