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Most Luxury Bus Service in Pakistan – Bathroom, Kitchen and Favorite Food on Seat While Traveling


QConnect has redefined road travel to a 5 star experience in luxury, entertainment and ambience. Virtually, an aircraft club-class cabin on 4 wheels the state-of-art bus cruisers make journey more fun than the destination QConnect bus cruise premium features are:

• Only 21 seats on board. Each seat is 24-inch Club Class luxe design with calf support
• Personal 19-inch entertainment console, for every seat, making your journey full of nonstop entertainment.
• With satellite TV on-the-go, you will not miss your cricket match or EPL football game or your favorite reality show
• Always stay connected with office, family and friends. The battery will not die with charging sockets provided in every seat
• Plug-in power for your tablet and laptop
• Play your favorite video games
• Perk up your moods with our hot and cold beverage service
• Travel nonstop with rest room on board and save precious time
• Booking a seat is a breeze with Pakistan’s first mobile app

Anchor: Burhan U Din

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