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My Luxury Brand Story Tag


I was tagged by the lovely Fashionably Amy to share my luxury brand story. The questions are listed below (my apologies for going a bit out of order!) and I would like to tag the following (if you have not done this tag already):

Nettie (Nettie’s World 4U)
Wendy (The Loving Fifty)
Minnie (Minks4All)
Jerusha Couture
Christy J.
Sam The Purse Addict
Linda (Leo Lion LV)

What is your first “wish list” bag?
What is your actual first purchase?
What do you think is special about this brand? Quality, service, history?
What is your favorite purchase from this brand?
What is your latest purchase?
Do you think you’ll stay loyal to this brand in 5 years?
What is a starter piece that you’ll recommend from this brand?
What will you be buying next from this brand?


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