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News: Unemployment Drops To Record Low Following Use Of Planet Cracker


Unemployment on the planet of IIast Mog has dropped to a record low after the Voor Technocracy completely annihilated the world with a planet cracker. Xenonion’s Kashnak D’Vhakk reports.

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00:00 – News Bulletin
02:45 – ISS Xenonion Promo
04:00 – Outro

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► Voiceover: Kashnak: Mike (Fiverr @NewsMike), Voor Affiliate: Dylan (Fiverr @flfalcon), Vicky Toria: Naomi Miller (Fiverr @naomi_miller), Commercial VO: Alicia (Fiverr @aliciah4)
► Animations / Graphics: Under license from Shutterstock, Storyblocks, Motion VFX
► Audio: ‘Corporate Success’, ‘Club Music’, ‘Euphoric Trance’ from Storyblocks, ‘Transmission’, ‘Emotive Technology’ under license from Premium Beat

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