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One Manufacturer Made An RV So Over-the-top – It Will NEVER Be Produced Again.


A fifth wheel with a black interior? Three faux fireplaces? HOW many showerheads? You’ve NEVER seen an RV like this before. Things unheard of in an RV – are right here.

This the walk through of the Ultimate Montana. Designed by The Flipping Nomad, for your dreaming pleasure.

Taking the concept of #glamping and punching it up about 10,000 notches. In the fall of 2019, #KeystoneRV partnered with Cortni to build a high-concept, high-style Montana 3791RD. Keystone’s vendor partners joined in, outfitting the rig with off-the-hook amenities and technology. Like a concept car, this isn’t the stuff of final production, but it sure is what RV dreams are made of. This #fifth-wheel is so full of over-the-top furnishings, it will NEVER be produced again. Much like a work of art, this RV is something beautiful.

For more information visit: https://www.keystonerv.com/the-ultimate-montana/

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0:00 Intro
1:03 Step inside the Ultimate Montana.
3:35 Water vapor fireplace and rear living.
5:05 That bathroom though…
5:58 The bedroom.
7:46 How this was all possible.

About Keystone: The #1 manufacturer of fifth wheel camping trailers and the third largest manufacturer of pull behind camping trailers, Keystone RV Company’s most recognizable brands include Cougar, Montana, Sprinter, Outback, Passport, Bullet, Springdale, Alpine, Laredo, Hideout, Raptor and Fuzion. With headquarters in Goshen, Indiana, and manufacturing locations in Northern Indiana and Pendleton, Oregon, Keystone RV Company employees over 5000 manufacturing, sales, and support personnel in 40 plants encompassing more than 3.2 million square feet.


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