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One & Only the Palm – One of the best luxury hotel in Dubai


Dubai is the epicenter of opulent, palatial resorts, with hundreds of five-star residences of varying styles and designs offering visitors a superb choice of accommodation while visiting the Emirate. Thanks to its iconic location at the very western tip of the artificial island, The Palm, The One & Only The Palm (one of the One & Only dubai hotels) offers both luxury and tranquillity and is one of Dubai’s very best residences. Let’s take a look at some of the features that makes a stay at the One & Only the Palm a genuinely memorable experience.

Below sea level is the submariner room, a bedroom bubble where fish glide past your window. There are even fish that have made their homes around the structure. The room is located in a “blue hole” in the middle of a living coral reef so it is the perfect place for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts and also people who just really like The Little Mermaid.

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