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Shanna Dickerson on Building A Ultra Luxury Travel Company and Why We Should Start Living Our Dream


We have Shanna Dickerson, Founder, and CEO of Blue Sky Luxury Travels, stopping by for a fascinating discussion on building an unmistakable ultra-luxury travel company, why we can’t put off living our dream life, and much more. Before she helped luxury travelers and businesses worldwide, including A-list clients such as Sir Richard Branson, she had a successful music industry career.

However, at the tender age of 30, she was already experiencing a midlife crisis, and she kept asking herself, “Is it more important to live where you want and find work, or stay where you are climbing a corporate ladder with the hopes of retiring to an amazing place when you’re 60?”

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:
– The current state of travel
– Shanna’s gymnastics and tennis background and how it benefits her now
– Shanna’s origin story and “midlife” crisis
– The continual evolution of Shanna’s business (and why pivoting is good)
– How Blue Sky has continued to grow over the years
– Working with the affluent and how Shanna got her initial clients
– The various obstacles that Shanna has faced as an entrepreneur (hurricanes are one of them)
– Rebuilding her company after Hurricane Irma & Maria swept it all away
– Staying mentally focused and composed as things get stressful
– Initial habits and tips to building a concierge business
– How FB Live’s dramatically boosted Shanna’s company (and it’s due to an overlooked reason)
– Shanna’s tv pilot
– Shanna’s wellness routine and habits
– And much more

Connect with Shanna
– Shanna’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dickerson_shanna/
– Blue Sky Luxury Travels: https://blueskyluxurytravels.com/
– Blue Sky Luxury Travels Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEUzkvJtwyw0IaYsrvkWHmA

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