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Texas Gov. Sues Over Natl Guard Vax Requirement; Manchin: No Conversations on Biden's $2T Bill | NTD


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00:00 NTD News Today—1/5/2022
04:39 McConnell: Schumer Trying to Break Senate
05:58 Manchin: No Conversations on Biden’s $2T Bill
06:26 Govs Asked to Create Infra. Task Forces
06:55 Lawmakers Considering More Covid Relief Help
07:38 95% of New U.s. Covid Cases Are Omicron: CDC
08:30 ‘Omicron Tsunami’ Hits New Jersey: Governor
09:17 500m at-home Covid-19 Tests This Month: WH
10:01 Judge Halts Vaccine Mandate for Navy SEALS
11:09 TX. Gov. Sues Over Natl Guard Vax Requirement
11:57 Donations Underway for Colo. Wildfire Victims
14:23 Superior, Colo.: From Fire Crisis to Recovery
16:03 Town Very Compassionate Post Firestorm: Mayor
17:00 Capitol Police Prepared for Jan 6th
18:46 Jan. 6 Committee Seeks Fox Host’s Cooperation
19:38 17 Alleged Violent NYC Gang Members Indicted
21:36 Larry Elder Won’t Run for California Governor
22:25 Human Smuggling Plane Crashes, Pilot Runs
23:12 USS Abraham Lincoln Has a New Commander
27:16 LG Showcases Smart Home System, Oled Screens
29:27 Panasonic Showcases Kitchen, Car Tech at CES
31:44 Aston Martin to Unveil Luxury Apartments
32:14 GM Dethroned by Toyota in U.s. Sales
34:13 North Korea Fires Unidentified Projectile
35:03 Xi’an Lockdown: Residents Trade Goods for Food
37:38 Chinese City of One Million Under Lockdown
41:35 Australians React to Djokovic’s Vax Exemption
43:58 Kazakhstan Government Resigns After Protest
45:22 Briefing on Iran Plane Crash Victims Hacked
46:26 French Scientist Find New Covid Variant
47:42 Trout Farm Collects 20m Fish Eggs Per Year
50:05 New Year Tuna Auctioned Off at $150k in Tokyo
51:07 Are Carbohydrates Inherently Bad?
54:10 Twins Born Minutes Apart on Different Years

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Texas Gov. Sues Over Natl Guard Vax Requirement; Manchin: No Conversations on Biden’s $2T Bill


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