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The Shipwrecks Of Porthcawl – Stories From The South Wales Coast


A look at some of the old shipwrecks of Porthcawl, many of these ships especially from the days of sail have long been forgotten.

However, I can’t do a video about Porthcawl shipwrecks without mentioning one of the worst maritime disaster on the Welsh coast, the Samtampa and the loss of Mumbles lifeboat in April 1947. An integral part of Porthcawl history.

See the link for the dedicated Samtampa video I made earlier in the year https://youtu.be/H-xJvDrS0bA

The route starts at Sker Point, to the west of Porthcawl and walking a small section of the South Wales coastline, east to Porthcawl Harbour and Porthcawl Pier.

From the number of wrecks just on this small stretch of Welsh coast it’s clear that the Bristol Channel can be very hazardous with its unpredictable weather, sandbanks and extreme tides.

Some of the shipwrecks on this dangerous coast include

LE VAINQUEUR, Sker Point 17 December 1753

THE CATERINA, Sker Rock 27 December 1782

THE JANE KNOX, Hutchwns Point 4 October 1917

THE WILLIAM MILES, Sandy Bay 9 August 1883

THE EDMUND, Sandy Bay, 3 March 1897

The shipwreck locations on this coastal walk.

0:00 Porthcawl

0:57 Walk Intro

1:55 Sker Point

5:52 Rest Bay

7:22 Hutchwns Point

8:22 Porthcawl Harbour

10:04 Sandy Bay

‘The Shipwrecks Of Porthcawl – Stories From The South Wales Coast’ – Filmed January 2021 #Porthcawl #VisitWales


🎥 The Wreck Of The Samtampa https://youtu.be/H-xJvDrS0bA

🎥 Tales Of SKER https://youtu.be/7dHI9yI-_28

🎥 The Wreck Of The Amazon https://youtu.be/-095Yh9eHY8


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