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Why I Left the United States and Moved to France – MY STORY | Slow Living in France


Why I Moved to France and Left the United States – MY STORY | Slow Living in France

Hello there lovely! ☀️ 🙂 In today’s video, I share more of my personal story and what led me to change my life, leave the United States and ultimately move abroad. I’ve been wanting to make this video for SO long! And very spontaneously a few days ago while editing a different vlog, I suddenly found myself editing this one! When the creative muse comes a-callin, you follow its call! 🙂 I needed to find all my old videos from New York, our wedding and honeymoon, the day we moved to France, etc as well as gather some new footage to compile this together, and I’m so happy it’s finished! It’s a more personal video, but I hope it inspires you to make radical beautiful changes in your life if you feel called to do so. Sometimes a little bit of travel or research can open you to a new way of living – one that is simpler, slower and more sustainable 🙂
Sending you a warm hug,

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Thank you so much for watching my video! 🙂 I post a new video on slow living and simple joys every week but if you’re curious to see more of my content, check out my blog and Patreon! As a writer, I have a full archive of posts written on the Simply Joys blog about how to find more joy in your life as well as slow and simple living, intentional living & values, mindfulness, and living the expat life abroad in France. I hope it brings you as much joy as it did me making it! 🙂 Have a magical day, my friend ☀️ #slowliving #simplejoys #simpleliving


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