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A Day in the Life of a Travel Agent – What is it like to do this job?


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a travel agent? On today’s show, we’ll sit down with a success Travel Advisor to learn what a Day in the Life of a Travel Agent is all about. If you think it’s just sunny beaches and umbrella drinks, this episode will shed light on the business side of the job and how you can serve your customers while working in travel every day.

Our guest is Tanya Murphy, Destination Director of TripsAlive.com. She shares insight on running your business and how to get the most out of the Travel Advisor lifestyle.

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00:00 – Welcome to the Video – What We’ll Cover
01:00 – It feels like everyone wants to be an agent!
01:19 – What IS the job of being a travel agent?
02:05 – How is that different than what people think?
03:30 – Wait, I was told there would be free travel?
06:30 – What are the basic tasks you take on when running an agency?


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