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Black Wealth Matters with Dr George C Fraser | How to Build Wealth In The Black Community


Dr. George C Fraser stops by The Cortez Hustle Show to talk about why Black Wealth Matters and more importantly…how to build it.

For 40+ years Dr. Fraser has been traveling the world educating and inspiring black people to action in the area of economic empowerment.

It’s both an honor and a privilege to have him stop by the show to help shed some light on the strategies necessary to empower ourselves as a community and build generational wealth for generations to come.

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0:00​ Title
2:55 Who is H Cortez AKA Financial Health Mentor
3:00​ What is My Monetize My Life Academy
4:45 How To Get 2 Free Gifts at http://thecortezhustleshow.com
5:00 Introducing Dr. George C Fraser Sizzle Real
8:30 The Cortez Hustle Show’s Quote of the Day
11:45 Who the Heck is Dr. George C Fraser
17:25 Why Black Wealth Matters
24:55 Black Economic Empowerment is the Final Frontier
27:40 The Cortez Hustle Show’s 1-Minute Motivation (see video credit below)
32:46 Black People & Financial Literacy (Baby Boomers 1st to leave worst off)
40:40 You Can Literally Sell Sh!T & Win
41:51 The Wealth In Relationships
46:30 Rich Don’t Work For Money (Serve To Build Relationships) Network to Give
48:45 Freestyle with Dr. George Fraser
53:15 The Cortez Hustle Show’s Question of the Day
55:20 The Power Networking Conference Special Offer

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DISCLAIMER: H Cortez aka Financial Health Mentor is NOT a
financial advisor/planner or CPA. The information shared on this channel is not financial advice but instead examples of actual experiences of H Cortez and the guests of the channel. Also, any mention/reference to income is NOT a guarantee but merely an example of potential income that could be made if one puts in the work required. Always see a certified professional assist you in your financial matters.

1 Minute Motivation YouTube Credit
Show Some Love To The “Adousa_” Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCMF6YaoZbK7QrxPHnTaaXQ
1 Minute Motivation Video: https://youtu.be/0Xnj8NiDADw
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