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CBC News: The National | Unvaccinated nurses, Breakthrough COVID infections, Sweatpants forever


Oct. 11, 2021 | Thousands of Quebec nurses could be suspended this week for missing a deadline to get a COVID-19 vaccination. What experts are learning about breakthrough COVID-19 infections. Plus, why more retailers are switching to sweats and stretchy clothes even as work-from-home comes to an end.

00:00 The National for Oct. 11, 2021
01:01 Unvaccinated nurses face suspension
03:46 Thanksgiving gatherings during COVID-19
05:55 Record active COVID-19 cases in N.B.
06:24 Ontario restaurants question capacity limits
09:24 Canadian-born economist shares Nobel Prize
11:46 British police won’t charge Prince Andrew
13:53 Prince Charles urges action on climate change
14:24 Whale sightings up near Vancouver
16:40 Indigenous tourism faces slow recovery
19:47 Volcano continues to erupt on La Palma
20:12 Athleisure wear here to stay
23:05 Breakthrough COVID-19 infections
27:31 Dr. Zain Chagla on breakthrough cases
30:03 Rapid, at-home COVID-19 tests
33:16 William Shatner’s space flight delayed
22:45 Russia focuses on post-COVID therapy
40:38 High number of twins in Sicamous, B.C.
43:13 The Moment

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