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Dan Blizerian's Company is a Disaster | Breaking Down His Financials


Today, I am going to break down Dan Blizerian and his company Ignite and the disaster he is currently dealing with.
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Over the last few months Instagram influencer, amateur poker player, and self-proclaimed Navy Seal has had a really bad time. His company, Ignite, which went public in 2019 on the Canadian Stock Exchange announced a reported $50 million in losses in 2019 alone. This led to speculation that Ignite (and investor money) was actually the one that was funding Dan’s lavish lifestyle. The financial report, paired with the $50 million loss as well as a lawsuit filed by a former executive of his. I think it is safe to say Dan is having a tough time.

So, today I want to breakdown his finances of just how bad Ignite is looking financially right now.

00:00 – Intro
01:12 – Who is Dan Blizerian?
02:48 – Ignite (Dan’s Company)
05:48 – Breaking Down the Financials
09:43 – Ignites Ex-Exec. is Suing
12:19 – Closing

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