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Finding a GOOD travel advisor.


All travel agents are not created equal: How do you find a good travel agent?

A new travel agent, a new travel company, and a new travel app sign on to the travel industry every day. How do you sort through all the noise? On average consumers consult 38 different sites before deciding on when and what to purchase. Consumers are becoming more and more overwhelmed with endless online options that take them months to sort through.

Studies have shown that travelers lost $5.7 billion dollars to travel fraud and online scams in 2018 alone. Travelers reported losing 1-3k of non-refundable money.

First you need to look at their legal qualifications, bare minimum.
Legal Qualifications of a travel agent

Seller of Travel #
Consumer protection plan
Secretary of state with a registered agent The word “travel” needs to be in the company title and it should not be a DBA…………as that is usually someone taking a back door into the industry

Legal requirements are different for every state, but never buy travel from an unlicensed person. You are at risk with any online platform or person. Anyone and any company can be anything online.

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