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House Hacking My DREAM Home | Financial Minimalist


I used house hacking to own a home for nearly $0 out of pocket per month! – Instagram: @Bowles
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House Hacking My DREAM Home | Financial Minimalist

In this video I show you how I live almost for free in my 6,200 squarefoot home in Arizona!

This video has 3 main financial focuses:
– Rental income collected from my roommate
– Principle Pay down on the mortgage every month
– The cost of having to rent and live somewhere else.

I take you through exactly how I made sense of purchasing a single family home for $890,000 that costs about $7,300 a month out of pocket with all expenses included, yet is able to be house hacked very efficiently to work out to less than $4,000 a month in expenses, with about half of that being principle pay down towards my mortgage, plus I get to take additional write-offs by having a home office!

Theres also many tax benefits to investing in real estate. Investing in your 20’s to do something like house hacking real estate can be a great way to grow your wealth and save money! It’s a great strategy and ties right into financial minimalism. I’m not a perfect minimalist by any means, but ZI love saving money if I have an opportunity to do so!

So if you have been wondering how to invest and the different real estate strategies you can use to get a cheap home or see how to live for free, then make sure to watch the entire video!

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