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How to Take Action When You Are Scared AF | 004


Do you know those moments when you have a very exciting idea out of nowhere and you get all energized about it and your imagination starts to go to places, but eventually the enthusiasm seems to die because you realize you don’t know how to implement it? Then, the once awesome idea becomes just dumb? Well, you’re not the only one who experiences that. In this episode, Jason gives you the inspiration you need to actually grab the idea by the hand and make it happen no matter what.

“As humans, we are historically afraid of new ideas, we can feel threatened by the unknown and our minds go into overdrive to protect us.” – Jason Goldberg

The thing is, to solve this problem you must have the outcome in mind. You must see yourself already on the other side and let yourself be pulled to your vision. More than that, you must surround yourself with a support system to help you put your ideas into fruition. There is nothing wrong with experimenting, trying new things, and being creative but you need to come up with a plan. At the end of the day, in order to think outside the box you have to first imagine yourself stepping out of it.

“If we’ve never done the thing before that we’re looking to do and we don’t have a frame of reference for what we are trying to create and – probably hardest of all – we don’t trust ourselves to move forward without having perfect information and a bulletproof game plan, then our big vision ends up becoming a big wait.” – Jason Goldberg

Key Timestamps
[1:21] – Specialness (You are special, just not in the way you think).
[8:14] – It’s Metaphor Time! People used to create things before us.
[11:26] – Involving people around your creations.
[12:38] – What would your idol do in your place?
[14:54] – Create something new by creating a plan first.
[18:27] – Final advice: Worthiness vs. Willingness.

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About Jason Goldberg
What does an award-winning entrepreneur, a TEDx Speaker, a bacon-atarian (that’s a vegetarian who still eats bacon), a funky sock lover, a former rapper (who opened for the Wu-Tang Clan-YES, really!) and a previously 332lb man (who has since lost over130lbs despite his affinity for bacon) have in common?

They are all the same guy!

Jason “JG” Goldberg (so we’re really doing third person here huh?) is an international “Edutainer”, author of the #1 International Best-Seller “Prison Break” and creator of the Playful Prosperity AND Competition-Proof Business Immersion programs.

He has been a featured expert on media outlets including ABC, CBS, and FOX as well as teaching on the Mindvalley and Soul Pancake platforms and creating a business in partnership with NASA and the space shuttle program while earning his MBA.

Now JG focuses on blending his signature mix of simple and transformational wisdom, practical business mentorship, and belly-busting humor to help coaches, speakers and online educators build “Competition-PROOF” businesses full of impact and influence (and have a ton of FUN in the process)!

As a sought-after international speaker and host, JG has shared the stage with some of the world’s greatest thought-leaders and innovators in human potential and performance including Jason Silva (Host of Nat Geo’s “Brain Games”), Dr. Sean Stephenson (The 3 Foot Giant), Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), Vishen Lakhiani (CEO of Mindvalley), Steven Kotler (Stealing Fire), Marisa Peer (the UK’s psychotherapist to the stars) and so many others that he hopes will impress you if these other ones don’t! 😉


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