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MasterAdvisor 58: How to Book Exclusively Adult Vacations Sponsored by Virgin Voyages


Finding clients who want an exclusively adult vacation can be a daunting task. It requires marketing yourself as an expert and knowing what a client wants for their vacations and what types of vacations they want. According to a TMR report earlier this year, 2020 upped the responsibility ante to a level grown-ups never experienced before. Not only did the average adult remain a financial provider and caretaker for their offspring or elderly parents, but they also had to balance the hats of teacher, therapist, work-at-home employee, and entertainer. These people could use a vacation. #adultvacations #vacations #vacation2023 #travel #travel2023

For certified Virtuoso Travel Advisor Amanda Nimnicht the allure of planning memorable getaways for couples and families makes her light up. Her curiosity drives her to seek exciting adventures, idyllic romantic places, luxury getaways, and delicious destinations. As a luxury travel advisor, she combines her business and consulting experience to deliver custom-made trips that offer priceless memories for people who want to see the world. Join Amanda for a live and free zoom call sponsored by Virgin Voyages.

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