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Pros and Cons of Working As An Independent Travel Agent (To Be Independent Or Not To Be)


Pros and Cons of Working As An Independent Travel Agent (To Be Independent Or Not To Be) // Cyndi Williams, owner of the Wanderlust CEO and Careers on Vacation is a world-renown travel expert and speaker. Whether you’re a new travel agent or an experienced travel agency Cyndi is here to answer your questions. So you’re wondering whether you’ll become an independent travel agent or partner with a host agency. In today’s video, we describe the pros of being an independent travel agent as well as the cons of being an independent travel agent.

We answer all that and more in our upcoming video. Make sure to watch to the end and learn all the best tips and tricks on how to grow your travel agency, make more money in your travel business, and be a leader in the travel industry.

Watch Until The End and learn whether you can travel for free as a travel agent!

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