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Redefining Tourism | The Itinerary – Season 2 Episode 16


COVID-19’s impact on Tourism has many commenting that this is our chance to rethink Tourism and make necessary improvements for the future of our industry.

However, while there have been many suggestions for change and calls for action, Tourism will still face challenges of long-held stigmas. Just the word “Tourism” comes with baggage we haven’t been able to shake: from perceptions about the workforce, it being considered a “bum subject” in schools, worry about environmental impact, or locals scoffing in distaste about tourists.

With this in mind, how do we get people to recognise the economic powerhouse our industry is and take us more seriously?

For years now, there has been talk about redefining tourism as the visitor economy or the visitor experience… Perhaps NOW is the time for a rebrand?

Directed by Mike Kim
Written by Helen Shaw
Executive Producer: Matt Stenton
Production Manager: Simone Pakieto
Presenter: Matt Stenton
Panelists: Panelists: Chris Robert, Dr. Susanne Becken, Lynda Keene, Lisa Hopkins


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