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Reviewing the Retirement Notion – Mr Patrick Mhlari (WEB122)


During the webinar, the following will be discussed:

• Lifestyle choices and goal setting
• The effect of time on your retirement provision
• How long will my money last?
• Making informed retirement savings decision

Patrick Mhlari says he is crazy about numbers and people, and sees himself as fortunate to work with people like his audience who range from all walks of life, from the young professionals starting out all the way to the retiring Professional, from that he is well equipped to add value to your financial journey. Patrick’s primary function is to help his client assess their Financial Position, to make sure that the financial plan is in line with their dreams and ambitions. Even the most well-designed financial plans have to be regularly revisited due to the ever-shifting regulatory landscape and your needs.

Patrick is driven to make a difference in people’s lives by adding value to their portfolios; to ensure that they retire in a healthier financial position and that their short-and medium-term goals are catered for financially.

Being a South African one cannot help but acknowledge that we are indeed a land of extreme inequalities, it is not surprising that so few people can afford to retire comfortably, that the average debt ratio sits at 78%, that so many people leave behind a lot of estates that are not liquid – Mr Mhlari believes in every conversation he has with PPS Members can change this distorted picture. With a passion for people, adding value Mr Mhlari looks forward to learning from his audience.

Mr Patrick Mhlari, and Mr Kapish Singh

Interested delegates include
All Dental Professionals

60-minute lecture followed by 30- minute Q&A session

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