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True Luxury Through Experiential Hospitality Service | Maja Dimnik World of Glamping Founder-CEO


Maja Dimnik is the Founder and CEO of World of Glamping, a specialized platform showcasing the benchmark for premium experiential travel. A sought-after advisor and leader for setting up quality standards in all areas of eco-tourism and experiential lodging, she is the mastermind behind the award-winning Charming Slovenia Herbal Glamping. Wood Couture Co-founder, Filippo Sona, explores this emerging area in hospitality and tourism with the expert guidance of Maja.

Wood Couture Podcast Highlights:

0:50 Where it started for Maja Dimnik
02:27 How Africa inspired Maja to look at travel differently
03:51 On the transformative experiences offered by World of Glamping
07:00 The origins and proper meaning of the word “Glamping”
09:30 Selecting the best experiences for her clients
10:44 Can experiential travel exist in places aside from remote destinations?
13:11 Where a great travel experience starts
18:12 The ROI and costs of glamping accommodations and similar properties
20:44 Experiential tourism is true luxury
22:54 The Middle East is the biggest growth market for glamping
23:54 Best advice for developers thinking about investing in experiential travel
25:40 On hospitality embracing sustainability and challenges for remote properties
28:20 Will the trend for transformative travel last?
32:12 World of Glamping is more than a platform
34:44 What is in the future of travel and tourism
40:18 Maja’s message to the world

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About Wood Couture:

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