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Will MacAskill of Effective Altruism Fame — The Value of Longtermism, AI, and How to Save the World


Will MacAskill of Effective Altruism Fame — The Value of Longtermism, Tools for Beating Stress and Overwhelm, AI Scenarios, High-Impact Books, and How to Save the World and Be an Agent of Change | Brought to you by LinkedIn Jobs recruitment platform with 800M+ users (https://linkedin.com/Tim), Vuori comfortable and durable performance apparel (http://vuoriclothing.com/Tim), and Theragun percussive muscle therapy devices (http://therabody.com/tim).

William MacAskill (@willmacaskill) is an associate professor in philosophy at the University of Oxford. At the time of his appointment, he was the youngest associate professor of philosophy in the world. A Forbes 30 Under 30 social entrepreneur, he also cofounded the nonprofits Giving What We Can, the Centre for Effective Altruism, and Y Combinator-backed 80,000 Hours, which together have moved over $200 million to effective charities. You can find my 2015 conversation with Will at tim.blog/will.

His new book is What We Owe the Future (https://www.amazon.com/What-Owe-Future-William-MacAskill/dp/1541618629/?tag=offsitoftimfe-20). It is blurbed by several guests of the podcast, including Sam Harris, who wrote, “No living philosopher has had a greater impact upon my ethics than Will MacAskill. . . . This is an altogether thrilling and necessary book.”

Bookshop.org members can get 50% off pre-ordering What We Owe The Future with the code FERRISS50 at this link: https://bookshop.org/books/what-we-owe-the-future/9781541618626

Please enjoy!

Show notes and resources: https://tim.blog/2022/08/02/will-macaskill-what-we-owe-the-future/

00:00 Start
00:01:46 Recommended reading.
00:08:00 How Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment changed Will’s life.
00:12:33 Maintaining optimism in the age of doomscrolling.
00:18:41 What is effective altruism?
00:21:22 Resources for maximizing the impact of your philanthropy.
00:23:13 How adopting a check-in system has most improved Will’s life.
00:26:43 Caffeine limits.
00:28:08 Effective back pain relief.
00:35:49 What is longtermism, and why did Will write What We Owe the Future?
00:38:21 Future generations matter.
00:41:30 Finding the line between apathy and fatalism that spurs action toward ensuring there’s a future.
00:47:22 What Will hopes readers take away from What We Owe the Future.
00:51:08 What is value lock-in?
00:57:13 Most concerning threats projected over the next 10 years.
01:05:41 Most promising developments happening now.
01:10:09 How Will refocuses during periods of overwhelm.
01:15:02 Perils of AI considered plausible by the people who create it.
01:27:24 Longtermist-minded resources and actions we can take now.
01:33:22 Parting thoughts.

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