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Mystery is intriguing don’t you think? I’m a trained journalist and marketer with four different Instagram accounts with a combined audience of over 500,000 followers. I spent my youth backpacking around the World. Whilst I had, quite frankly, the time of my life the ideologies of a hedonistic youth and that of an affluent, older gentleman are vastly different. Consequently, in the manic 24/7 World in which we currently operate time, the great commodity of the 20th century, is increasingly short. I therefore am continually driven to seek more luxurious surroundings, specifically those boutique or luxury.

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By on June 1, 2017


So, I found Rajasthan, the “Land of the Kings,” a visual fairy tale delight. Bordering Pakistan in Northern India most are familiar with its capital Jaipur (the “Pink City” in which lie the 18th-century City Palace and Hawa Mahal, a former cloister for royal women, fronted by a 5-story pink-sandstone screen. Amer Fort, atop a nearby hill, was built by a Rajput prince in the early 1600s.

If palaces, medieval forts and colourful bazaars are your bag this is perfect.

Like a lot of India I’ve been too there’s a fascinating contrast between the old a new cultures. Tradition remains strong but the pace is beginning to increase as technology weaves it’s magic.


Set in the Thar desert the astonishing Jaisalmer Fort defines luxurious at its best. Entering through a fort-like gate Rajasthani music players are on hand to greet you – I had a drummer!

Music is a consistent theme here –  a flute player’s soothing tones also greet you at breakfast – this is an experience like no other – there aren’t many places where you can dine within a medical fort at breakfast followed by enjoying a peacock trail or whilst enjoying a romantic, private dinner in the dunes at nightfall.

There are incredible staff and huge rooms, I opted for the luxury suite room – opulent but eloquent with lovely views

An excellent spa is also at hand – this a real oasis in Northern India.

Indeed this is luxury within the desert!