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Mystery is intriguing don’t you think? I’m a trained journalist and marketer with four different Instagram accounts with a combined audience of over 500,000 followers. I spent my youth backpacking around the World. Whilst I had, quite frankly, the time of my life the ideologies of a hedonistic youth and that of an affluent, older gentleman are vastly different. Consequently, in the manic 24/7 World in which we currently operate time, the great commodity of the 20th century, is increasingly short. I therefore am continually driven to seek more luxurious surroundings, specifically those boutique or luxury.

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Sri Lanka

By on May 25, 2017

Sri Lanka

This beautiful island lies in South Asia, south east of India. An array of varying landscapes from rainforests to stunning beaches make this Country a must see.

History –  visit the Buddhist ruins, the amazing Anuradhapura, Temple of the Tooth, Siguiriya and the fascinating Dam bulla Cave Temple

Nature –  I’d recommend the elephant orphanage and the green sea turtles

Food – try some of the most aromic fish curries known to man –  the sweet and sour fish curry is a delight. Also try the string hoppers with coconut gravy for breakfast!

Drink – tea! a must visit are the tea plantations within Kandy’s hill country. This looking for more of an alcoholic beverage should opt for the potent arrack (be on your guard!)


Kalundewa Retreat 

There’s a real selection due to the different landscapes of luxury locations in Sri Lanka. But if you’re looking to take a step back and really relax this fabulous boutique hotel could be the one – an oasis o tranquillity and peace  located amongst the mountains and lakes this is the perfect option. In the middle of the rice fields a leisurely stroll takes you to the naturally spring waters, a delight.

Nature at is finest – fireflies (so cool!) shooting stars galore, monkeys, water monitors and peacocks.

I stayed in a chalet with lake views.

You come here too soak up the nature so don’t be surprised by the numerous variety of bugs! There’s a distinct lack of alcohol if that’s an issue for you. You don’t tend to encounter the few other guests and if you’re looking for nightlife this isn’t the hotel for you. If you’re looking to step back, switch off take a break this is perfect.