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New luxury hotels in London


Here’s a round up of the hottest new luxury hotels in London to visit in 2021!

1.Henry’s Townhouse

Henry's Townhouse London's luxury hotel openings
Henry’s Townhouse London’s luxury hotel openings

Want to experience Jane Austen’s reading room in real life? Henry’s Townhouse is the collaboration between owners Jane and his brother Henry. While inaugurated back in December 2020, it is recognized as a Grade ii listed building.

Having antique collection to create spaces for perfect private dining and parties. This seven-bedroom, former home of Jane is situated on 24 upper Berkeley Street. Sharing a table for breakfast creates a historical ambiance that combines a personal antique collection of Jane Austen’s brother.

Henry’s Townhouse offers award-winning Russell sage design and Feix merlin architects at an exclusive table for breakfast, private dining, and parties.

2.Nomad London

Bow Street Magistrates Court, Nomad London's hotel
Bow Street Magistrates Court, Nomad London’s hotel

London hotel openings are popping up everywhere, like Christmas. New luxury hotel Nomad London is London’s five-star property. Hotel openings were set in December, but it’s delayed.  This 92 room hotel is open 24 hours.

Enjoy the cocktail bar at night while the luxury spa will have transported to Shangri la. The members club offers hotel rooms that have an outdoor terrace where you have two private indoor swimming pools.

Food prepared by London’s professional chefs and Mexican-styled interior design have guests in complete awe. Thus one of London’s finest experiences enveloping old and new looks of the city of London.

3.The Londoner

The Londoner luxury hotel
The Londoner luxury hotel

A superb boutique hotel in the heart of the city is ready to greet and provide luxury service at all times. While restaurants provide room, the Londoners provide luxury at their peak. Located south of Leicester Square, it offers elegant bars, spa, exquisite reading room, dining halls, and high 350 rooms luxurious hotel.

Such property in London city is a gem among other hotels. The restaurant’s ground floor offers super tasty food and beverages made by world-renowned chefs. A hotel is incomplete without a gym and a swimming pool.

The rooftop convent garden, five-star rooms, and suites are London’s treat. As Covid 19 happened, it now holds a barbershop too.

4.The Lost Poet

The Lost Poet hotel
The Lost Poet hotel

This London hotel is a beautiful marvel from floor-to-ceiling windows for reinventing the small hotel design styles. The rooms and suites are divided into four bedrooms with emphasis on Mayfair street-styled theme.

Catering to luxury, the guests feel like a home-like experience in the best hotel way possible. A park is situated right in front to connect with nature. The stylish art is based on Oscar Wilde’s room interior design is illuminated with natural light all day.

Such a huge outdoor terrace caters to the greatest city view at night. This will surely take you back to old west London’s street.

5.Mondrian Shoreditch

Mondrian Shoreditch London's Dandy bar hotel
Mondrian Shoreditch London’s Dandy bar hotel

Having private dining from the members’ club day restaurant theme is the city of London’s greatest sought-out luxury. That is what Mondrain delivers in excellence. These hotels, restaurants, and bars are the new luxuries in this multi-million-pound hotel.

Situated this new hotel in the city of London is a marvel itself. Such exhilarating professional chefs and David Collins studio apartment shows what lifestyle is adopted here. The members’ club rebranded, and move to London city is a treat.

Have superb parties on the elegant rooftop and have a view of a lifetime at the night sky. This is one of many exciting new luxury hotels in London.

6.Pan Pacific London Hotel Openings

Pan Pacific London - definitely one of 2021's hottest must-visit hotels in the capital with 18m infinity pool and incredible views (Photo Credit, Jack Hardy)
Pan Pacific London – definitely one of 2021’s hottest must-visit hotels in the capital with 18m infinity pool and incredible views (Photo Credit, Jack Hardy)

Looking for the most luxurious hotel in London? With the 43 stories, Bronze Tower; Pan Pacific is the New Luxury Hotel In London.

With Singaporean Hospitality, this luxury Hotel stands right in the heart of London city. Designed with the London style by duo Yabu Pushelberg, it is laced with the passel Worldclass amenities.

From floor-to-ceiling windows, to indoor 18m swimming pool, you will get the perfect jaw-dropping landscape views with the Pan Pacific hotels and resorts. The nine rooms are equipped with a modern interior with an imbibing experience, with statement room spaces.

The mind-blowing transport to the Hotel`s Ballroom will take you to another level. This luxury hotel is featured with underfloor heating luxuries.

7.  Mandarin Oriental Mayfair

Mandarin Oriental Mayfair London`s Hotel
Mandarin Oriental Mayfair London`s Hotel

Mandarin is among the five-star residential suites with 50 guestrooms. With the best location on Hanover Square, in the London city at Mayfair district. The residents will get vibrant fine dining, stylish bars, restaurants, and an exquisite private terrace with the perfect view.

Mandarin provides an exclusive private home laced with art, fashion, and direct access to intimate spa services. You will get hassle-free hospitality, inclusive of housekeeping, velvet parking, and discerning clientele.

With the indoor swimming pool, you can enjoy swimming with the cocktail bar. The Mandarin provides the residents with 24-hour service.

8.Westin London City Hotel Openings

Westin London's City Restaurant hotel
Westin London’s City Restaurant hotel

Giving off the oldest and recreational vibe, the Westin London City hotels and resort is a five-star luxury London hotel. Westin is just a moment away from the redeveloped Queensbridge house on North of River Thames.

It is located just opposite the Shakespeare`s Globe theatre property, in the heart of city of London. It is laced with a modern interior and with the best landscape view.

You can enjoy the riverside view from the North while sitting in the exquisite luxurious restaurant and with the large indoor swimming pool. You can join the fitness center (if you are a gym freak) there and will gain access to spa services.

With contrasting interior tones, Presidential rooms are also offered. There`s also a classic cocktail bar in the lobby. It gives a nature-inspired vibe with a relaxing and trustworthy environment.

9. Beaverbrook Townhouse

Beaverbrook Townhouse London hotel
Beaverbrook Townhouse London hotel

Beaverbrook country House Hotels are located in Sloane Street. With the luxury rooms scheme, this luxury Hotel is the Best Boutique Hotel of 2021. Inspired by the most popular celebrated and well-loved themed, London theatre.

Beaverbrook Townhouse mayfair townhouse Luxury hotel provides good old-fashioned hospitality with a flirtatious ambiance. The meals are served in a classic Japanese style. In the evening, with the thirst for Whiskey, you can sit in the restaurant and bar enjoying the best view from the lobby.

This luxurious Hotel thrives with the charismatic garden, which is full of greenery and with seasonal items. With being inspired by London Theatres, all the 14 luxury suites are named after them. With the Beaverbrook Hotels, enjoy your precious and most astonishing moments.

10.Chateau Denmark

Chateau Denmark Luxury hotel
Chateau Denmark Luxury hotel

In London, Denmark has always been known for its musical history. This historical Hotel preview will soak you up off Soho Strip. That said, this luxury London hotel has taken inspiration from the musical genres, giving off an artistic vibe.    It has wide parking area. 

The 55 private rooms are designed from floor to windows with an internal heating system. These rooms are fully equipped and feature maxi bars offering spa services. These suites are suitable for hosting, ghosting, and other pursuits. This is where Rolling stones recorded their first album.

11.Broadwick Soho

Rendering of the Broadwick Soho
Rendering of the Broadwick Soho

The most famous Martin Brudnizki has designed this luxury hotel. They offer the residents 57 lavishing Session Rooms. With the addition of a penthouse and nine other suites, you will get the residential feel as it will feel like a home.

Provided with the best hospitality, restaurants are full with the food beverages kept clean, and best served to the residents. From the gritty glamor, the Broadwick Soho offers private balconies to which the bustling streets can be outlooked.

So we hope you’ve found some inspiration amongst our new luxury hotels in London – now get booking and try them out!

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